A unique NEW approach to Fully Managed Property Agreements

Are you looking for a more professional and beneficial financial solution to the management of your property? Do you want the tailor-made service both you and your tenants deserve? Would you like to avoid regular monthly charges, which give no return for your outlay?

If so, then we invite you to contact us to join the already growing number of landlords, who have been accepted for this truly new, exclusive and innovative service.

This is an exciting new approach, affecting the routine, planned and ongoing maintenance of your property and could save you in some cases, hundreds of pounds per year or more. We believe you will see cost savings over your current arrangements, as soon as you are accepted onto the scheme and we can explain and show you how.

What We Offer

  • No % monthly fees for maintenance based on rental value.Get your FREE Brochure here
  • No maintenance fees held in reserve tying up your capital.
  • Fixed management event costs = no surprises.
  • Approved contractors, who carry an identified approval logo on their vehicles.
  • Primary approved contractor status, which results in continuity and excellence of work.
  • Planned routine maintenance reports provided in writing with photographs, every six months.
  • Nominated tenant communications. We consult and work with your tenants directly.
  • All maintenance services are provided.
  • All contractor details held with full public liability insurance certification on file.

There are no catches. We will never ask you to part with money on a regular monthly basis going towards the cost of maintaining your property – We do not tie up your money “just in case of an emergency”.

The contractors are all approved by us and carry the “Approved” logo on their vehicles. They are known as our Primgm-logo-approvedary Contractors, and to that end, will be available to carry out work regular basis when required. This ensures continuity of any work completed, and your tenants will know who is calling. Tenants, we find, like to see the same contractors when there is a need. Long term, happy tenants will also save you money.

There will always be a need for immediate response to every day maintenance work such as a broken toilet seat, etc., which we can manage simply, directly with your tenant. But our system is also proactive, and regular, planned visits are completed by us every six months. We know what is required, determine where and when your money is best spent, and ensure whenever possible, that there will be no nasty surprises. We also believe your property is an investment, which if cared for by experts, will increase in value as the years pass by. Should you decide at a later stage to sell, then you can achieve the very best market price.

6 Monthly Property Reports

Ask yourself,  when was the last time you received or even read a Property Report on your rental property from letting agent or estate agent? GMLMS provide, every 6 months a comprehensive, individual 9 page report that highlights any immediate, planned or future work that would be required on your property or properties. The report will include photo evidence of any areas of concern and is emailed or posted to you when complete. It really will give you peace of mind and assurance that your rental property is being maintained and cared for 24/7.

Ask us for more information.

Ask about our detailed property reports

For more information call us on 0118 975 1377 or email us at info@gmlms.co.uk

“If you have respect for your tenants, your property and want somebody to maintain it for you, then the Landlord Management Service is the property management company for you.”

A Aspell, Existing Landlord