Get your FREE Brochure hereThis is an exciting new approach, affecting the routine, planned and ongoing maintenance of your property and could save you in some cases, possibly hundreds of pounds per annum or maybe more. We believe, you will see cost savings over your current arrangements, immediately you are accepted onto the scheme.

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Membership Fees and Event Charges

Initial Property Maintenance Membership Fee:£325+VAT
Annual Renewal Fee: After the initial set up in year 1, your actual annual fee goes down in price – even more savings.£280+VAT

So what exactly constitutes an “Event fee”?

Quite simply an “event fee” is only charged when we act on your behalf, for you the landlord and you need the services of GM Landlord Management Service.

Our fee is only chargeable only when your tenant has a maintenance issue to deal with and we act on your behalf to remedy the situation from start to finish.

So the process works as follows:
• Communication usually received directly from tenant via email as we request.
• This information is advised to you the landlord immediately.
• We then issue an attendance order to one of our “primary contractors” who is most suitable to rectify the challenge.
• The contractor liaises with the tenant directly to arrange a mutually convenient visit.
• We then arrange all necessary paperwork, invoices and copies of certification if relevant, to be sent to you the landlord.
• We also send copies of any certificates (gas) to you directly.
• Finally we pass the total invoice (including our fee) for your attention and then pay the contractor concerned directly.

Our managed event fee is only £65.00 + vat and will give you complete peace of mind going forward.

N.B. Remember event charges are only applied as and when you have a maintenance issue within the property and not every month.
N.B. All membership and event fees are subject to a written contract.