What We Do

Are you a landlord who owns a property locally, which you present in the market for rental purposes? Are you looking for a more professional and beneficial financial solution to the management of your property, ….

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How We Help You

The maintenance services we offer are both re-active and pro-active. If your property suffers an 'event' then we will respond to this but we'll also note what needs doing. We'll quote for this in advance ....

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Value for money

This is an exciting new approach, affecting the routine, planned and ongoing maintenance of your property and could save you in some cases, possibly hundreds of pounds per annum - see our prices here...

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General M Landlord Property Maintenance Management Services

We are so different…you’ll want to join us!
We offer a completely new approach to Landlord Management

General M Landlord Property Maintenance - Get your FREE Brochure hereLandlord Property Maintenance – Are you a landlord who currently owns a local rental property?

  • Are you looking for a more professional and beneficial financial solution to property maintenance and the management of your property?
  • Do you want the tailor-made service both you and your tenants deserve without increased cost?
  • Would you like to avoid regular monthly charges, which give no return for your outlay?
  • Then General M Landlord Management Services offers a real alternative to Fully Managed Property Agreements.
  • Now read on and see how we can make a real difference to the maintenance of your property and the pound in your pocket. Either ask us to send you our brochure by clicking on the image or read more…

About Property Maintenance With Us

General M Landlord Property Maintenance Service has been launched specifically to provide an exceptional service and to support local landlords. We have a genuine alternative to the usual rental market services offered, therefore reducing your financial outlay for managing your property.

For the last 16 years we have worked in the rental property market as a sole trader under the name of General M Property Maintenance. We now also provide a complete management service, which we believe will revolutionise the way this market operates. It focuses on supporting the landlord first and foremost, with an emphasis on excellence and honesty. It also rebalances the market where the landlord doesn’t have to pay for poor workmanship, poor management or mistakes made by third parties.

We have been approached by many landlords from the UK and abroad requesting this unique form of service, so have decided to expand the General M group to cater for all Landlords who feel they need a new direction in managing their property locally.